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Terraform Functions - Part 3 - Conditional expression

In part three of this blog series we will take a look at the conditional expression function in  Terraform  and see how we can use this with a basic  Azure Web App  deployment. In a future blog we will explore how to use the conditional expression alongside the count function in a more complex resource deployment.  In part one we cover an overview of the blog series and some pre-requisites you will need to get started when working through the deployment steps in this blog series, if you haven't seen this information please review this  here  before you get started with the steps below. Conditional expressions can be used to dynamically omit or change an argument depending on a certain condition. This can be useful for several scenarios, one example may be that you create a module for deploying VMs and have a variable for VM size of small or large, you can set this as a variable and evaluate this variable to change configurations like SKU, disk size etc.  The example we will go thr