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Next-gen Cloud Operations

Moving from a traditional Operations Role to a Cloud/DevOps Engineer Role If you are in an infrastructure or operations role and want to make the move to a new role perhaps Cloud/DevOps engineer or an SRE role ,  maybe your company is making changes which means your role is evolving then this article may help to identify some of the skills you need to make this move.   As you read about some of these tools and skills you need to learn you will see many that you may feel fit with a developer role not a operations engineer but keep reading and embrace the code.  Start Small Version Control Cloud Platform Infrastructure as code  CI/CD Pipelines Code Editing   Find a Buddy Embrace new tools Conclusion It is worth noting that you have a lots of valuable and important knowledge you will bring with you to any new role. All the areas we cared about before, as shown in the operabilty diagram below, we still care about now, you may be managing similar solutions and some new ones just with som