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Azure DevOps Microsoft Terraform Task and Terraform 0.15 issue

If you are using the Microsoft Terraform task to deploy resources you may currently be seeing issues.  You will be impacted if you have not pinned the Terraform version using the  Terraform installer  task for your own Agent or the Azure DevOps hosted agents. The Azure DevOps hosted agents are starting to use version 0.15 of Terraform,  Hashicorp made a change to the way Terraform works as per this article; They removed the prefix `arm_` the old names were previously deprecated but have been removed in Terraform v0.15.  This was done a while ago but the task has not been updated to accommodate the new values Old                                           New arm_client_id                      client_id arm_client_secret             client_secret arm_subscription_id         subscription_id arm_tenant_id                     tenant_id You may be seeing issues like this in your pipeline; The Azure DevOps task