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Working with WSL and AKS

Introduction I find I am working with  Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) more and more recently and I thought I would share a few tips and snippets of code I have found useful. For reasons I will explain shortly I have started using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) as my main way of managing AKS.  If you are starting out with AKS I hope you will find some of these hints and tips useful. AKS is a fully managed Kubernetes service from Azure, if you want to find out more about AKS check out the material and video from Microsoft here  .  For the purpose of this document I am assuming you are familiar with AKS and have at least started to play around with it.   Commands There are some key commands you will need when working with AKS and kubectl you can find some of these on the first link below.  While working with AKS you will  be using other tools like Docker for creating and managing your container images.,  I have provided some key starter commands for this on the second link. Helm