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AKS - Application Gateway Ingress Controller management

As discussed in my post about AKS planning there are a couple of choices for what device you use in conjunction with your Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) ingress controller. The default scenario is you deploy a Azure Load Balancer and then you install your ingress controller of choice. The ingress controller then works in unison with the Load balancer.  Another option now available it the Application Gateway Ingress Controller (AGIC) this ingress controller allows you to use the Azure Application Gateway Layer 7 device to expose your services to the internet. As you add services to your cluster it automatically updates the Azure Application gateway.  For information on how to implement AGIC checkout the links on this page  . In this article we are going to discuss AGIC and some of the practicalities of working with this configuration. Managed Identities To use AGIC you need to use AAD pod identity. We configure a managed identity with permissions to manage and update the Applicati